Lamb’s sells more rum in Newfoundland than anywhere else in Canada.

Following the success of their Lamb’s Nation campaign, Corby wanted to refresh the brand to attract sophisticated younger customers. As part of the team at Idea Factory, I worked to streamline the logo and create a timeless presentation that could easily appear on swag and other merchandise. I deleted much of the extraneous detail of the old mark, and brought the focus squarely onto the bold Lamb’s Nation type. I retained the A.L. initials of Alfred Lamb as a nod to Lamb’s heritage.

With the new look and feel, my objective was to create engaging POP, banners, posters, table toppers, web & social media to reflect the rock and roll attitude of Lamb’s Nation.

Art Director
Greg Merner

Yvonne Noseworthy

Creative Director
Ed Roche

Account Manager 
Lesley Williams

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